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As you read our story, you will learn when, how and why we began each division within our company and begin to see how it connects through one common thread: lifestyle. MaeLynn & Co. LLC became an all-encompassing brand name for all services within the MaeLynn brand. We like to call it “The House of MaeLynn” as it “holds” all of our prized possessions within it.

The name itself is a rather unique and special one to us. While many may not pronounce it correctly (Muh-lynn), or even find it rolls off the tongue with ease, we take pride in our name. Our owner took her middle name and combined it with her daughter’s middle name and wa-bam; MaeLynn was born. The best thing about our name: it is not common or typically heard of anywhere. And another thing is for certain: it is definitely Southern! (Southern women come up with the best names!)

We started our brand with Photog + Prints back in 2008. With nothing more than the hopes and dreams of one day spending more time with our own happiness, a brand and legacy were started. We offer Lifestyle photography in both natural and studio light settings. As a certified photographer, our owner prides herself on delivering the best. We specialize in Family, Children, Newborn and Individuals. We also have offerings for Seniors, Engagements, Maternity and Weddings. We also offer prints from our sessions through our lab partner.

In the age of “selfies”, “friend tagging”, and cell phone photos, photography has taken on a whole new meaning. Actually getting dressed up, driving to a location and physically having a photo shoot is a thing of the past these days. That is where we come in. As your photographer, we want to capture the real art of the moment. The true meaning behind why people want to take photographs; creativity and individuality. If you are interested in a photo session that is relaxed, candid, full of laughter, and not posed, you have come to the right place!

In 2013 Beauty + Beards was created. It went through a few name changes until it landed on Beauty + Beards and boy are we happy it did! Our owner was able to allow her creative and empowering side out with this venture, and made many new friends along the way. In the midst of having a full-time career, raising a munchkin and trying to keep up with “all-the-things”, maintaining some resemblance of beauty is hard at times. Because of that struggling feeling, our owner felt like anything she found to help her personally and make her life easier, while feeling beautiful at the same time, she would share with the world. We offer all things beauty and beards: tutorials for hair, makeup, skincare, nails, fashion, self-empowerment, etc, along with fashion blogging and individuals lifting up other individuals in a positive way. As a certified makeup artist, our owner loves helping everyone find their inner confidence in order to take on anything.

During the summer of 2019, a new venture was introduced called Faiths + Favors. This is our community give back venture that was created by our owner’s daughter. With Faiths + Favors, her daughter wants to find ways to help out area animal shelters with the needs they have for the animals they help each and every day. Her giving heart overflows when it comes to all animals and she is ready to share it with everyone she can. Be sure to continue to follow the journey and join us in the future in our newest venture. We also give back to local shelters for women and homeless alike. With Faiths + Favors, you can expect to see lives abundantly given a chance to thrive in ways unimaginable.

Check out our Community Give Back Program for more history and information on how Faiths + Favors came about.

In late 2019, we added two new services to our business model that assist with common legal services within the community. We now offer the ability to perform wedding ceremonies for all religious denominations. We also have the ability to perform notary public services when needed for any and all persons. You can find these services “housed” within MaeLynn & Co. LLC for pricing information.

In June 2020 Design + Decors was created. Our fearless leader has the most creative brain, and she figured why not use that to create designs and decors that others will also enjoy. Within this division, the creative juices flow with the help of her Silhouette Cameo machine. Any and every thing can be created to your heart’s desire. We also incorporate design into décor in the many facets available; home, work, business, etc. You can find décor inspiration to create and design your own oasis.

We are certain there are more business ventures and pieces to MaeLynn & Co. LLC to come in the future. In fact, we know there are, they are just currently in the works right now. Be sure to check back often to see what else is up our sleeves.

Previous ventures that are no longer offered, but add to our history:

In 2018, MaeLynn Events was the next venture to be branded. Our owner LOVES to plan events! Birthdays, showers, weddings, family gatherings – she loves it all! And she has a great eye for creating a gorgeous and inviting atmosphere within the events. She is a creative genius who has a flair for embracing the extraordinary details in every single item.

In early 2019, MaeLynn Travel was formed. It comes from a long and abundant love for trips to Walt Disney World. Here you will find tips, tricks, advice, and just plain fun from our owner’s trips to WDW with her daughter. And if you are not a Disney lover like our owner, we can help you plan a trip to just about anywhere your heart’s desire!

MaeLynn & Co. LLC,,,, 214-307-2328, #maelynnandco
MaeLynn & Co. LLC,,,, 214-307-2328, #maelynnandco
MaeLynn & Co. LLC,,,, 214-307-2328, #maelynnandco

Beauty + Beards

Beauty + Beards, FKA MaeLynn Beauty, is a division of MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

Beauty + Beards, FKA MaeLynn Beauty, is owned and managed by MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

Design + Decors

Design + Decors, FKA MaeLynn Design, is a division of MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

Design + Decors, FKA MaeLynn Design, is owned and managed by MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

Faiths + Favors

 Faiths + Favors, FKA MaeLynn Furrys, is a division of MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

 Faiths + Favors, FKA MaeLynn Furrys, is owned and managed by MaeLynn & Co. LLC. 

Photog + Prints

Photog + Prints, FKA MaeLynn Photography, is a division of MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

Photog + Prints, FKA MaeLynn Photography, is owned and managed by MaeLynn & Co. LLC.