MaeLynn & Co. LLC,,,, 214-307-2328, #maelynnandco
MaeLynn & Co. LLC,,,, 214-307-2328, #maelynnandco

Well hello there! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. We are Amanda (mom/left) and Emily (mini/right) and we are the proud creators of Faiths + Favors.

Faiths + Favors is our community give back organization that we created from one of our deepest loves; shelters. With faith and favors, each individual can make the world a brighter place for others.

One of our main goals is to give back to the shelters, veterinarians and rescues that handle, care for, love and support our fur-babies each and every year. We want to be able to provide financial assistance with the daily necessities they have; provide financial assistance in finding medical cures for diseases; provide volunteers for volunteer efforts; raise awareness for care, diagnosis and prevention in medical related scenarios for all fur-babies.

Another goal is to give back to local women's and homeless shelters. We want to be able to provide necessities and caring to individuals struggling to make ends meet or just trying to survive in this world. As someone who has struggled in the past, we feel it is one of our deepest and strongest assets to help others in need; just like we were at one time. Without the help given to us from others, we would not have been able to land where we are today. And we both know that any amount of help is always appreciated when given.

Our main source of financial "income" is from our partner companies: Beauty + Beards, Design + Decors and Photog + Prints. Each one donates a percentage of all sales to our organization so that we may provide a way to reach our goals.

Our second main source of financial "income" is from direct donations. You may make a donation by clicking the link below. As always, we appreciate any donations we receive and will be sure to put it to great use with our area shelters, vets and rescues.  

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